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"Reconstruction" by Paul Quast, January- March 2014
A monument to the Ghost estates Ireland has sprawled across the country ,Paul Quast's installation is a striking edifice built from pallets
A deconstructing and subverting comment on Ireland's building boom come to a halt, manifested by the many half- finished derelict and disolute building developments

Paul Quast graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2011.
His practise focuses on Site Specific Installations and large scale structures.
In the last 2 years he has been showing at the RHA, IMOCA and many other galleries. He currently also has a solo show at the Luan Gallery, Limerick.
His installation at the Art Tunnel is titled “Reconstruction”
It is a continuation of his exploration of Ghost estates and other abandoned properties: products of Ireland’s dysfunctional property market.
The Art Tunnel seeks to revitalise the urban environment and this site specific installation will complement this renewal projects aim.
“Reconstruction”, is reminiscent of a ghost estate house.
This structure is roughly 660x 550 cm in base and 600cm high, constructed completely out of wooden pallets and held together by metal brackets. It’s an empty shell of walls with holes for windows and doors and the doorway will allow access inside for anyone curious enough to enter the structure.
It’s enforcing the theme of revitalising the abandoned urban environment with new life.
This installation stands as a symbol of renewal for such sites and help to propose directions that could be taken when dealing with similarly abandoned estates