Over 2000 plants...

The Art Tunnel is approximately 80 metres long. But only 4- 9 metres wide.
The 4 planting areas reflects the usage.
A rubble garden with drought tolerant plants, such as Sedums, Amelanchiers, a few existing Buddlejas growing out of the rubble and 2 apple trees, one of them donated in memory of a local child that sadly passed away
Wisterias are growing up the girders and latching on to the artwork by Paul Terry. A great example of how artwork can turn urban elements of no aesthetic consideration into an installation from which flora& fauna as well as citizens benefit.
A 50 metres long border consisting of powerful flowering, hardy plants such as Monarda, Verbena, Rudbeckia, Cimicifuga, Thistles and grasses.

Site specific art installations by emerging artists, landscape architects and architects are on display in this area.
Artwork by community groups in a pergola-
framed garden setting, 30 climbing plants cover the 10 cubicles, the planting on the ground is experimental and colourful with a lot of bulbs in spring time, sensory herbaceous plants and even a few vegetables and fruit bearing shrubs.
Native trees, shrubs and ground covering plants to support Inner City wild life cover over 100 square metres, this area is home to dozens of birds who breed in the thicket of Hawthorn, Ash, Birch, Holly, Hazel and Roses.

The plants for this area as well as for the site specific installation section were obtained through a DCC biodiversity fund after consultation with the DCC biodiversity officer Maryann Harris.