‘G E O M E T R Y’

work produced by Ballymun library children during a Summer workshop at Ballymun library funded by DCC with Sophie Maltzan.

The workshop explored geometry and abstraction in 3 with 5- 8 year olds in Ballymun library
A group of 12 children spent 5 days exploring the relationship between lines and shapes.
They explored abstraction processes and let their imagination flow free: seeing shapes and stories within the 1.2 x 1.2 metre panels they created.

They first criss-crossed multi coloured wool in a giant timber frame. They then traced the lines and shapes the wool created onto separate acetates and found exciting figures, animals and story lines in the painting they produced collaboratively.

A playful investigation of geometric shapes and forms which ignites the children’s imagination and stimulates their ability to abstract.

The panels were exhibited in the community art platform to the general public.