Waste antonyms

The sheer frustration of picking up rubbish in the Art Tunnel, especially after a windy day led to this project. An inventory of all the rubbish picked up within the space over a period of 4 weeks- the attempt to draw something positive from this strange act of just dropping onto the pavement- what is needed no more... Thus the titles of the boards, all antonyms of the word waste.

The 3 week waste inventory:
250 cigarette buds
91 LUAS tickets
73 cans (mostly beer)
61 unidentifiable pieces of plastic
52 unidentifiable bits of paper/ cardboard
51 glass bottles (someone is using the corner of site as bottle bank?)
34 crisp packets
33 plastic bottles
29 chocolate bar wrappers
27 Cigarette boxes (all empty)
12 bits of textile
4 tennis balls (the neighbours play cricket with them- so all we need do is bounce them back across the wall)
1 umbrella- broken
1 plastic bucket
1 empty purse!!!!